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Apricot Implementation

Ready to get into Apricot? We can help! We will work alongside your staff to highly customize an Apricot instance that works well for the way you work and for all the ways you want to be able to use your data. Not sure if Apricot is the best fit yet? Contact us and we’re happy to discuss options.

Apricot Implementation Pathways

After an implementation, your Apricot site will still need a substantial amount of ongoing maintenance. To set you up for future success, we can support your implementation process through one of two pathways:

Internal Administrator

We can train up to two staff to act as ongoing administrators of your Apricot site. This takes dedicated time and space in their workload, so you will want to plan well in advance to make this feasible. Learn more about the Apricot Administrator role here.

External Administrator

If an internal administrator is not possible, we can act as a part-time administrator for your organization. We will build a plan around the specific needs of your team and complexity of your system. Learn more about the Apricot Administrator role here.

Apricot Implementation Services

Data Review

We methodically look through all of your data collection tools to ensure you are collecting what you need, and only what you need, to minimize burden on clients and staff, and maximize how you can use your data.

Form Building

We will build custom Apricot forms for all of the ways you need to collect data, considering the workflow of the people doing the data entry, and the ways the data will be used for reporting and decision making.

Reports & Bulletins

We will build custom Apricot reports and bulletins to give your staff customized home screens that align with their roles. We set up reports to give you the data you need at your fingertips for reporting and much more.

Apricot Site Setup

We will work with you to determine the best way to set up your Apricot system’s Sites and Programs. As we develop the system together, we will help you define User Roles and Permissions to keep your data secure and workflows efficient.

Data Migration

If you already collect data, in another system or not, we can work with you to migrate that data into your Apricot. That may involve making adjustments to the data to align with the ways you will collect data in the new system; we will work with you to be ready!

Training + Mentorship

Depending on the pathway you choose (Internal or External Administrator) we will provide training, mentorship and customized training materials to set your whole team up for success to get the most out of the system.

Apricot Implementation Resources