We are a team of compassionate nerds. We have worked in nonprofits, government agencies, multinational corporations and universities. These varied experiences give us a diverse and powerful tool set we use to increase the capacity of small, grassroots organizations to tell your stories in your voices, be financially stable, and make systemic social changes that increase the capacities of the communities you serve.

Meet Our Team

Em Carr
Senior Project Manager
Asheville, NC

Em Carr (they/them) is a Project Manager at The Capacity Collective currently based in Asheville, North Carolina. They assist with database implementations, support on research and evaluation projects, and work with community-based organizations to leverage their data for good. Prior to The Capacity Collective, Em was a program coordinator for a home visiting program. In this role, they supported a team of home visitors in providing early learning education and case management supports to young parents in King County. Em cares deeply about reproductive and birth justice, and helping others realize their visions for a radical new future. They believe strongly in collective power, and strive to build community in all that they do. They hold a BA in History from Oberlin College. In their free time, Em enjoys taking way too many pictures of their cats, swimming in any of Western North Carolina’s beautiful rivers, and knitting.

Heather Ueckert
Senior Project Manager
Appleton, WI

Heather Ueckert (she/her) is a Data Management Program Manager at The Capacity Collective currently based in Appleton, Wisconsin. She leads Apricot implementation projects and provides data capacity-building support to a wide range of small, community-based organizations. Prior to The Capacity Collective, Heather was a Process Improvement Program Manager/Coach for Digital Customer Technology at a nationwide retailer. In this role, she led teams through process transformation around strategy and visual management. Heather is in constant awe of the insatiable curiosity of young children and the loving resilience of their caregivers as they navigate new environments. She believes that courageous curiosity and compassion drive transformation. Heather holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Iowa State University. In her free time she enjoys creating colorful things out of fabric, playing volleyball and eating anything lemony.

Janae Teal
Director of Programs
Various Locations

Janae Teal (she/they) is the Director of Data Management at The Capacity Collective currently working remotely as a digital nomad. She leads database implementation projects, nurtures client and community relationships, and builds the data capacity of small, under-resourced organizations. Prior to The Capacity Collective, Janae worked as an analyst for a county government where they developed various data processes and used data to advocate for local policy change. Janae cares deeply about harm reduction and advocating for people who use drugs, dismantling the criminal (in)justice system, and removing barriers for LGBTQ+ communities. She believes in the power of community and strives to make meaningful impacts in the world of data, social, and intersectional racial justice. Janae holds a BA in both Sociology and English from Washington State University and a MA in Public Sociology from Cal Poly Humboldt. In their free time they enjoy exploring new places, hanging out with their auntlets, listening to audiobooks, and supporting local breweries.

Jennifer Ruppelt
Senior Project Manager
Montevideo, Uruguay

Jennifer Ruppelt (she/her) is a Project Manager at The Capacity Collective based in Montevideo, Uruguay. She works with organizations to strengthen their data related skills and to leverage their own data for good. Before coming to The Capacity Collective, Jennifer worked with a Uruguayan non-profit in community development and the prevention of violence against children. She is passionate about creating a world where children are valued, supporting holistic wellbeing, and promoting LGBTQ+ rights. She believes that seemingly small changes can have big impacts in the lives of children, families and communities and she wants to be a part of creating change. Jennifer studied sociology and Spanish at Wheaton College. She loves pottery, gardening, traveling, and spending time with friends on the beach.

Meredith Williams
Director of Operations
Various Locations

Meredith Williams (she/her) is the Director of Capacity Building at The Capacity Collective, currently working remotely from Asia. She leads a team of data capacity builders to support small and grassroots community-based organizations in celebrating and demonstrating their impacts. Before starting The Capacity Collective with Janae Teal, she was an Associate Professor of Sociology in the California State University system where she taught courses in criminology, theory and research methods. Meredith’s passions include keeping people out of the criminal justice system, harm reduction, and LGBTQ and disability issues. She believes in the “campsite rule” in that we should always leave the people and places we encounter better off. Meredith holds a PhD in Sociology from Washington State University. Meredith loves to experience the world, learn new things, and catch up with her many nieces and nephews.

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