“Culturally, linguistically and varied level approach instruction and support. Keep doing what you do.”

– Maria del Rocio Miranda, Early Learning Home Visiting Department Director, El Centro de La Raza

“The Capacity Collective has truly done so much to increase the data capacity, awareness, and quality of our agency. In addition, they have taught me so much personally and launched my interest/career in the field of data management. I cannot put into words the impact you’ve made on our agency and myself as an individual. I am forever grateful.”

Kate Wilhite Brickell, Outreach Doula Program Administrator, Open Arms Perinatal Services

“All our forms that our staff work on are now online and are able to collect home visits, birth and invoice forms which makes collecting the data much easier to search and review.”

“We love our CC consultants! We appreciate their flexibility and professionalism. We recently encountered a challenge where the CC consultants proposed a brilliant alternative platform to gather and manage our program data. When we explained barriers to our using this platform due to various restrictions and guidelines that exist within our larger organization, the CC consultants listened to us and responded with patience and willingness to work with what we have for now. We appreciate their understanding that when they are supporting non-profit organizations that have to follow very specific guidelines and have limited resources (including enough human resources to invest in learning how to use and maintain new platforms), we sometimes need to use tools that may be clunky (but works).”

Haruko Watanabe, Program Manager, Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Program, Navos

“Data is not some scary thing. By using our Apricot system, data is readily available to us at all times. We just have to pull the report we need.”

“We have worked with many data evaluators and consultants before, but one things that sets CC consultants apart is their willingness and investment in coaching and teaching us (their client organizations) the critical skills we need to interact with the program data. They have listened to us carefully to understand our unique needs contexts and built together a plan of support from whatever knowledge and comfort levels we are at. We also appreciate that they understand the non-profit culture.

The way CC consultants have supported us over the years seems to align with our own program’s belief that families (whom we serve) benefit when we help to expand the capacity of the community they live in (rather than experts holding on to the specialized knowledge and skills). The CC consultants have taken the time to teach us the skills we need to better manage our own program data; and we really appreciate their intentionality around empowering their client organizations like us. The fact that they are also really nice people is a huge plus!”

“CC consultants are really, really nice people who care about making our processes easier and better.

– Haruko Watanabe, Program Manager, Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Program, Navos

“Meredith and Janae helped our leadership team to understand we can own our data and tell our story in the way that makes it relevant to our organizations mission early on. We have since seen staff care for data to make more informed decisions and to increase program quality.”

“They are creative, friendly and very much responsive. I wish we had more time with them!”

– Safiyah Hersi-Dhooye, WCI Program Manager, Somali Health Board