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The Capacity Collective

You are the experts of your communities and the people you serve. We use our expertise in data and research to support you in understanding and demonstrating the impacts you are making. This sets you up to secure more funding, advocate for your communities, and make systemic changes.

We have decades of experience in research, analysis, evaluation and training. We have collectively worked with over 100 community organizations, seeing both the damage and the power of data. We know that data is much more than numbers — it is the stories of your communities and the good work you do.

We do not just deliver tools — we build capacity so you can do more. We believe in your mission, and the stories you want to tell. cc: us to amplify your story.

Who We Are

We are a collective of people who came together to fill a gap we saw: funders are expecting more, and more complex, reporting–but rarely give the support organizations need to produce the data they demand. This especially disadvantages smaller community organizations that cannot afford to have data people on staff. Learn more about us.

What We Do

Harnessing the power of data, be it numbers or stories, we collectively:

Build the capacity of individuals… to build capacity of their programs… to build the capacity of their organizations… to build the capacity of the communities and people they serve. We help you do more with your data. Learn more about our services.

Our Values

We came together around a set of shared values, including equity and justice. Data has been a source of inequity, used as a weapon against communities of color, and made inaccessible for those without equal access to higher education.
Learn more about our values.


We believe in access as a crucial aspect of equity. This includes freely sharing our wide variety of skills, experiences and expertise in a myriad of ways, including this web site. Explore our free resources, from public data sources to our emPower Tools, in the Resource section of this site.

CC: us to amplify your story.