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Anti-Racism Data Resources

Racial equity is important in data work as it can help identify barriers of oppression for people of color, create a more just and comfortable work environment, and provide the opportunity to dismantle structural racism. Here are some helpful resources to get started in anti-racist data work with your organization and your community!

The Non-Profit Anti-Racism Coalition

A forum to share info, resources and best practices, and encourage other nonprofits to work together to eliminate institutional racism and understand its connections to all other oppression.

Racial Impact Equity Assessment

Race Forward has created this tool to use during a decision making process. This tool helps to systematically examine how different racial and ethnic groups will likely be affected by a proposed action or decision like a proposed policy or budgetary decision.

Anti-Racism Resource Guide

This Google document is the ultimate list of books that can start off anyone’s anti-racism work. Topics vary from health, immigration, housing, voting, and children’s literature It also includes links to various media and other resource lists.

Testing + Assessment with Communities of Color

This 40-page resource outlines psychological testing and assessment considerations for working alongside BIPOC groups. Written by the Association of Black Psychologists, National Latina/o Psychological Association, Asian American Psychological Association, Society of Indian Psychologists, & more.

The 7-Step Data Equity Framework

Developed by We All Count, this framework describes a systemic way to look at data projects. The sections include funding, motivation, project design, data collection, analysis, interpretation, communication and distribution, and more!

Conducting Evaluation Using a Culturally Responsive and Racial Equity

This 50-page manual provides how-to steps to conducting an evaluation from the evaluators themselves through the entire evaluation process. The framework is guided by diversity, community engagement, racial healing, and advancing toward racial equity.

How to Not Use Data Like a Racist

This free 2-hour webinar with data scientist Heather Krause overviews how to embed a culturally responsive and equitable lens into the work you do with data and data visualization. Learn the most common data mistakes to avoid and review the 7-step Data Equity Framework.

Why am I Always Being Researched?

This 112-page guidebook is designed for community organizations, researchers, and funders. It explains the seven inequities held by power and seven opportunities for change. It is designed to bring awareness to your own biases and assumptions through the voices of the people out in the field and in the community.

University of Washington IT Inclusive Language Guide

The resources provided in this document are mostly focused on language surrounding technology tools, resources and services, or language that is more likely to be used on web properties or documentation platforms.