Anti-Racism Resources

Racial equity is important in data work as it can help identify barriers of oppression for people of color, create a more just and comfortable work environment, and provide the opportunity to dismantle structural racism. Here are some helpful websites to get started in anti-racist data work with your organization and your community!

Anti-Racism Resource Guide

This incredible google document is the ultimate list of books that can start off anyone’s anti-racism work. Topics vary from health, immigration, housing, voting, and children’s literature to name a few. It also includes links to movies and clips, podcasts, articles, and other resource lists.

The Non-Profit Anti-Racism Coalition

This organization acts as a forum to share information, resources and best practices, and encourage other nonprofits to work together to eliminate institutional racism and understand its connections to all other oppression. On a sliding scale, they provide caucusing to come together and work through the racial dynamics manifesting in their institutions through dialogue.

Racial Equity Impact Assessment

Race Forward has created this tool to use during a decision making process for preventing institutional racism and for identifying new options to remedy long-standing inequities. This tool helps to systematically examine how different racial and ethnic groups will likely be affected by a proposed action or decision like the analysis of proposed policies, institutional practices, programs, plans and budgetary decisions.

Recognizing Microaggressions and the Messages They Send

This two-page document is an education tool to help identify a number of different microaggressions to avoid in the workplace and beyond. Recognizing microaggressions can be the first step in changing subconscious oppressive behaviors!

Resources for non-Black Asians on Anti-Blackness

This document contains links to academic literature, videos, online blogs, opinion articles, tool kits and more from various perspectives from different Asian communities (Asian Americans, Mixed Race Asians, Chinese and South Asian among others).

Asian American Radical Justice Toolkit

This free tool kit includes outlines of detailed racial justice trainings, examples of organizations serving Asian communities that are involved in the racial justice movement, and resources lists with fact sheets, guides, and Asians4BlackLives principles and protocols.

Anti-Racism Guide for White Muslims

This free toolkit is meant to be a guide for white Muslims who are engaging in anti-racism work or participating in discussions about racism in society and in Muslim communities.

Jewish Racial Justice Resources

This website provides resources created by and for Jewish organizations as well as resources for addressing racism within an organization.

Recursos Antirracistas en Español

This list of resources is exclusively in Spanish and it includes videos, articles/blogs, books, workshops, shareable images for social media, music, poetry, and a list of vocabulary of common terms translated in Spanish-English for future dialogue.

Non-Black Latinx Resources of Anti-Blackness

This free guide includes links to other resource lists articles, podcasts, books, and social medias. This guide has both Spanish and English resources as well as ways to get involved.

Testing and Assessment with Persons and Communities of Color

This 40 page resource outlines psychological testing and assessment considerations for working alongside diverse populations. It was written by the Association of Black Psychologists, National Latina/o Psychological Association, Asian American Psychological Association, Society of Indian Psychologists, American Psychological Association, and the Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity, and Race.

Considerations for Conducting Evaluation Using a Culturally Responsive and Racial Equity

This 50 page manual provides how-to steps to conducting an evaluation from the evaluators themselves through the entire evaluation process. The framework is guided by diversity, community engagement, racial healing, and advancing toward racial equity.

The 7 Step Data Equity Framework

Developed by We All Count, this framework describes a systemic way to look at data projects. The sections include funding, motivation, project design, data collection, analysis, interpretation, communication and distribution, and more!

How to Not Use Data Like a Racist

This free 2 hour webinar with data scientist Heather Krause overviews how to embed a culturally responsive and equitable lens into the work you do with data and data visualization. Learn the most common data mistakes to avoid and review the 7-step Data Equity Framework.

21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge

This website provides suggestions for readings, podcasts, videos, observations, and ways to form and deepen community connections to help build a habit of engaging with racial equity work. There is a helpful tracking chart you can fill out to stay on course, and this challenge can be completed alone or in a group!

Why Am I Always Being Researched?

This 112 page guidebook is designed for community organizations, researchers, and funders. It explains the seven inequities held by power and seven opportunities for change. This well-organized and easy to follow resource is designed to bring awareness to your own biases and assumptions through the voices of the people out in the field and in the community.

Decentering Whiteness and Creating Inclusive and Equitable Conferences

This tip sheet lists ways to assist in making sure your conference or meeting values the participation and contributions of a diversity of people and challenges established power hierarchies. It was created by a multiracial, multinational working group of racial and social justice educators, organizers, scholars, researchers and activists!

Tips for Creating Effective White Caucus Groups

This 17 page document, outlines a specific framework and questions for dialogue in White caucus groups that can be used as a starting point for anti-racist work in your organization. It includes visuals and easy-to-follow bulleted lists.

Dismantling Racism Works Web Workbook

This extensive online workbook is made up of various sections covering topics like assumptions, defining racism, internalizations, and White supremacy culture. It also includes analysis and action tool kits as well as a large catalog of other resources!

REJI Organizational Race Equity Toolkit

This 115 page manual was specifically created for an organization’s journeys toward racial equity. It includes necessary preparation for the work, an organizational assessment, and strategies/tools for an equity analysis with sample equity plans and worksheets.

University of Washington IT Inclusive Language Guide

The resources provided in this document are mostly focused on language surrounding technology tools, resources and services, or language that is more likely to be used on web properties or documentation platforms.