Apricot Services

NOTE: The Capacity Collective is NOT a part of Apricot or Bonterra. We are a separate business, supporting community organizations to utilize the tool.

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Apricot Preparation

We help you get ready to move your data from whatever format it is in (Excel workbooks, post-it notes…). This is more than just getting numbers ready: it’s dreaming about how a system can work for you to make your life easier, from data entry to reporting to using your data good.

Apricot Implementation

We work alongside you to create a highly customized Apricot site with forms, workflows, reports and bulletins that set you and your team up for success. We can build your capacity to maintain the system internally, or we can support you long term as your Apricot Administrator.

Apricot Optimization

You’ve had Apricot for a while and it’s just not working how you want or need it to. We can help! We can assess your system and look for opportunities to streamline and improve your system. If you aren’t able to quickly report to funders, handle random data requests, incorporate data into your grant writing, prep for a board meeting or write an annual report, we can help!

Apricot Administration

We get it–not every organization can afford a dedicated data person. Even if you have someone supporting your data internally, that person often needs support, from maintaining the system to thought partnership on how to improve and expand how your data is collected, stored, analyzed and shared. We can support you as your part-time Apricot Administrator.