Apricot Services

What is Apricot?

Apricot is cloud-based case management software from Bonterra designed specifically for nonprofits. Apricot enables organizations to focus on client management and social service outcomes through data collection and reporting.

Apricot offers:

  • Customizable Forms and Reports
  • Flexible Case Management
  • Advanced Data and Analytics
  • Client Communication Tools
  • Secure Data Environment

How can The Capacity Collective help me?

NOTE: The Capacity Collective is NOT a part of Apricot or Bonterra. We are a separate business, supporting community organizations to utilize the tool.

The Capacity Collective serves as an implementation partner for organizations whether they are looking to optimize an existing Apricot database or just starting out in their search to select and implement the right database solution. The Capacity Collective offers a wide range of implementation services:

Data and Form Review

The structure of your database strongly impacts your data quality. To ensure your system is built for success, we work alongside you to review your existing forms and data to answer the following questions:
Are you collecting what you need to be collecting? What is funder driven, what is program driven? Are you collecting things in a streamlined way? How does your data collection impact your reporting?

Database Implementation

Based on your organization’s Data and Reporting Needs we work with you to organize and configure your database. Our extensive experience with a wide range of organizations guides the use of best practices and when customization is appropriate. Our Database Implementation processes include:

  • Design and Build-Out of forms, reports and dashboards based on program needs
  • Building sites and/or programs, based on organizational structure
  • Creating workflows based on best practices for high quality data entry
  • Other features, based on the needs of your programs.
Data Clean-up and Migration

What if your data is in 12 different excel files and in some boxes in the closet? That’s okay! We will help you clean and organize your data so it is treated with integrity when being moved from one place to another. We pride ourselves on making sure no data is lost; even if you don’t use it anymore. Historical context is such an important part of your organization’s story!

Ongoing Database Administrator Support + Mentorship

To strengthen your implementation of Apricot, we prioritize support and mentorship for Database administrators, involving them as much as feasible throughout implementation. When working with an organization whose Apricot is already live, we value thought partnership and practical solutions.

Reports and Dashboards

Once your data is collected, how can you leverage it to further your organization’s mission? We’ll work with you to set up required dashboards and reports so that you can easily interpret your data and share it with others, as well as develop “feedback loops” to engage your staff and produce high quality data.

Staff Training

We value different learning styles and offer a responsive approach to providing training resources that resonate for your team, whether video calls, written materials, and/or in-person trainings.

Why us?

First and foremost, we are capacity builders; we want you to succeed long beyond our time together, so rather than just do “for you”, we want to teach, learn, and co-create “with you”. This is YOUR database, responding to YOUR communities, and collecting data to answer YOUR questions. We prioritize a flexible approach to understand the needs of your organization and work to set you up for success.

What our clients are saying about us:

“I have worked directly with the CC team and I am very new to Data collecting and Apricot. They have had to literally hold my hand virtually to understand the nuances of both so that I can provide encouraging and informative direction for the teams I manage. The genuine care and excitement about how the data can prove and connect maternal outcomes to programing is mind blowing.”

“Tailored services and troubleshooting. Consistent/reliable communication. Genuine approach to support orgs in their mission. Learning that building sustainable systems and data culture takes time and resources… thank you for helping us with immediate needs for support AND building capacity within our team.”

How do I get started?

If you are interested in learning more, we can show you a demo, customized to the structure and needs of your program so you can get a feel for how it might work for your specific situation.

We can answer questions at no cost and without any pressure.

Email us to get started!