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Data Services

Data doesn’t have to be a burden on you, your staff, or the communities you serve. We see data as a powerful tool that can help you create real, systemic social change. We work alongside you as data capacity builders, meeting you where you are, and listening to your data dreams.

Data Capacity Building Services

Data/Form Review

We methodically look through all of your data collection tools to ensure you are collecting what you need, and only what you need, to minimize burden on clients and staff, and maximize how you can use your data.

Data Quality

Telling the real story of the communities you serve needs high quality data. We help you assess your current data quality, develop strategies to improve, and train staff in best practices for high quality data.

Data Justice

We work with you to make sure all of your data collection tools and practices adhere to the principles of data justice, meaning they center community, and work to heal the historic harms of data and research.

Data Visualization

Visuals can give your data context, making the data more meaningful. We can support creating visualizations to support sharing your story to a wide variety of audiences. That can include charts, graphs, word clouds, infographics and much more.

Training + Mentorship

We provide a wide variety of group trainings or individual mentorship sessions on data tools and practices including Excel, Google Sheets, Airtable, Apricot, Community Research, Data Analysis and more. Contact us with your needs!

Community Research

We can support a wide variety of culturally-responsive research projects, including surveys, needs assessments, landscape analyses, community cafes, focus groups, photovoice projects and more–from design to final reports.

Data Process Improvement

Data is sometimes an afterthought for busy organizations, and can often feel like a waste of time. We help you identify and improve on your data pain points and document the improved processes.

Data Process Documentation

One of the keys to maintaining high quality data is consistency. We help you document your data practices into custom, accessible tools that work for the learning styles of your team.

Data Analysis

We are experts in quantitative and qualitative data analysis. We can support you with analyzing your data, creating beautiful reports, and finding meaningful ways to share your story to diverse audiences.

Data Resources

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