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Self Sign Up

Enter your first and last name and your email (the same one used for your Apricot login).
For Administrators:
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Logging In

Once you have signed up you can log in and have access to all of the Apricot Administrator training materials, including signing up for live webinars (see “Live Sessions”).

Apricot Admin Video Library

While you are logged in, click here to access the Apricot Admin Video Library, a Learning Path that will “help fill in any gaps you have in your Apricot knowledge.”

The Capacity Collective Apricot Training Resources
The CC YouTube Channel

We have Apricot training videos on a variety of topics available on our YouTube Channel. These videos include an Apricot Admin Camp Series. Topics range from introductory to advanced.

Apricot User Guide
Top 10 Resources

We compiled our top 10 resources from Apricot we have found to be helpful to Apricot Core users. This guide supports users in commonly used functions, by providing links to these resources for quick and easy access. [coming soon]

Apricot Admin Guide
Top 10 Resources

We compiled our top 10 resources from Apricot we have found to be helpful for learning the Apricot Administrator role, and the common functions Admins will need to do to maintain their Apricot system. [coming soon]

Apricot Administrator Resources

Bonterra Apricot Resources
Apricot Knowledge Base (Help Center)

Accessible by the Chat Support icon on the bottom right corner of Apricot screens or the link above. Access to the full training catalog, announcements and produce release notes, and Apricot Support Articles.

Apricot Chat Support

There is a chat icon on the bottom right corner of all Apricot screens. Click on “New Conversation” to connect to a live Apricot support person. You can also access the Apricot Help Center using the same icon.

Apricot Status Page

If you and/or your team are experiencing strange behavior from Apricot, you may want to check Apricot Status Page to see if there are any planned or known outages that may be impacting the whole site or specific functionality.

The Capacity Collective Apricot Resources
Tips for Managing Your Apricot

These 1-page downloadable handouts are a series of tools created by The CC with all of our favorite top tips and tricks for keeping your Apricot (and data) healthy and happy! [coming soon!]

Forms + Form Building

Reports + Report Building

Home Screens + Bulletins

Connect (Intake) Forms

User Roles + Permissions

General Site Management

Self-Directed Learning

Data Cleanup + Migration