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Apricot Preparation

Thinking about getting into Apricot? Great idea! An Implementation is a big process, and you will want to make sure you do it well the first time to minimize the disruption to your team. You will also want to make sure you know what you plan to collect, why, and how you will be able to use it!

Apricot Preparation Services

Evaluation Planning

We support you to plan/revise what you are going to collect to respond to funders, but also to ensure you have the data you need to evaluate your programs, respond to emerging client needs and make data-informed decisions.

Data Readiness

If you have data you will be importing from other sources, we can help you get your data ready. This can include facilitating data entry, cleaning your existing data, and getting it ready to align with your evaluation plans.

Data Review

We methodically look through all of your data collection tools to ensure you are collecting what you need, and only what you need, to minimize burden on clients and staff, and maximize how you can use your data.

“Kind, empathetic, caring, and motivated, these people have such integrity in the work they do, really believe in their mission and I feel that in every interaction I have.”

– Kirsten Gabele, Early Learning Program Manager, Communities of Rooted Brilliance

Apricot Preparation Resources