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We are a team of compassionate nerds. We have worked in nonprofits, government agencies, multinational corporations and universities. These varied experiences have given us a diverse and powerful tool set we use to increase the capacity of small, grassroots nonprofits to tell your stories in your voices, be financially stable, and make systemic social changes that increase the capacities of the communities you serve.

Meet Our Seattle Team

I find great value in taking the skills I learned in higher education (including an MA in Public Sociology) back to the communities that shaped me. Over the years, this has varied from LGBTQ policy work and working with youth in the criminal justice system to advocating for people who use drugs and the implementation of harm reduction practices. I am thrilled at the opportunity to work with such a breadth of communities in the Seattle area.

Director, Data Management
Director, Capacity Building

I have a firm belief in the campsite rule, to leave people and places better than they were when we met. My training includes a PhD in Sociology, with advanced training in research & analysis. I worked 10 years as a professor of Sociology and Criminology. For more than 20 years I have worked in social issues like harm reduction, LGBTQ rights and disability rights. I love learning from others and helping people take their dreams to the next level.

I am motivated by the belief that our well-being is interconnected with the well-being of all others in our society. Each person matters. That belief led me to begin working with nonprofits that serve children and youth, both in the US and Latin America. In my Master’s of Social Work program, I studied ways to support organizations in improving and demonstrating their impact. I am honored to continue working with nonprofits in my home state.

Program Manager, Capacity Building
Program Manager, Evaluation

Helping small farmers access markets in my early career first sparked my curiosity about systems change. This questioning led to my master’s degree (MPA) where I explored technical approaches to measure and realize impact, and to roles in program management, social marketing, research and evaluation that have spanned sectors and continents. Today, I love drawing on my experiences to partner with organizations, co-design solutions, and elevate their impact.

I am driven to help children and their caregivers experience more confidence and love in their lives. I have a background in continuous process improvement in both creative and technical environments. This has fed my love of taking complicated concepts and systems and making them into something more accessible and human-centered. I am excited to work alongside our partners to enhance the structure and clarity of their data systems.

Program Manager, Data Management
Araceli smiling
Program Analyst, Evaluation

I am bilingual in Spanish and English, and my family is primarily from Mexico and Bulgaria. I am currently halfway through the Masters in Social Work program at UW concentrating in Administration and Policy. I’m interested in the ways different cultures approach data whether it be linguistically, through story-telling, or other types of visualization.

My enduring inspiration and motivation is the tenacity of the human spirit. I am continually humbled and grateful to serve my community in some way. My educational background focused on human rights law and then led me to the completion of my MSW degree. Throughout my professional journey, it was a privilege to work with individuals and communities in the fields of domestic violence, child welfare, disability rights, juvenile justice and more.

Program Analyst, Capacity Building
Program Analyst, Capacity Building

Seemingly small changes can have big impacts in the lives of children, families and our communities- and I want to be a part of that. For the last 8 years I’ve worked with a Uruguayan non-profit in community development and the prevention of violence against children. My work has brought me into partnership with organizations throughout Latin America, where I’ve learned from local leaders about the long process of bringing about a more just world for children. I’m excited to bring these skills to the table through the Capacity Collective!

I am passionate about advancing educational and economic equity and empowering under-resourced communities through systemic change. I have several years of work and volunteer experience in Seattle area nonprofits focused on education and mental health and currently serve on the board of Denise Louie Education Center. I received my MPA from the University of Washington focusing on nonprofit management and social policy and am excited to work in partnership with community-based organizations to build data capacity and support their vital work!

Program Analyst, Capacity Building
Program Analyst, Data Management

I started out in software as a technical writer and project manager. While I loved the creative teams, I wanted to help make a real difference for people. So I left tech and became an at-home mom and community volunteer for 11 years. Then I entered nonprofit work where I’ve found meaningful purpose at University Presbyterian Church,, DADS, and now The Capacity Collective!

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