What We Do

Are tired of doing data entry when you could be helping peopleExamine your data systems and processes for opportunities to make data entry less painful
Are still collecting info for a funder you have not worked with in yearsRefresh your forms and data collection tools to align with your current requirements and goals
Do not see the value in the data because it is all what the funder wants, not what you care aboutReview your data needs and stakeholders to shape your data collection around stories that matter, and responding to community need, not just funders
Feel overwhelmed every time you need to do a report for fundersDesign a reporting calendar and set up your reporting to be ready to give you the data you need when you need it
Know your data collection is incomplete, or inconsistent, but you don’t have time to deal with itExamine your data quality and processes, build you custom tools to monitor it, and get your staff on board
Have data in 14 different spreadsheets, a stack of folders and a pile of post-it notes from 2016Design a data storage system that is right-sized for who you are now, and where you want to be in five years
Are tired of people caring about numbers, when you know lived realities are so much more complex than thatShape your data collection practices around who your clients really are, taking into account culture and lived experience
Are not sure you are even doing
what you say you are doing,
or if you are doing it well
Weave evaluation and reflection into your data practices so you can see your impacts, track trends over time, and demonstrate your impacts to stakeholders
Are ready to make your data work for you, reflect your mission, and have meaningCo-create a plan to build your data capacity

Our Services

Alternative Data Projects

We love the opportunity to think beyond traditional ways of knowing—let’s talk about how we can tell your story with PhotoVoice or other creative data collection methods.

Custom Assessment Calculators

Using your program’s calendar of screenings and assessments, we create a custom, semiautomated Excel-based tool that can calculate future due dates. This reduces the amount your staff must remember, and can improve your data quality.

Custom Excel Tools

We build custom Excel-based tools, based on the needs of the program, and the database(s) used by the program. Tools can be visual dashboards, reports, supervisory tools, or anything else we can imagine together. We do not just drop off tools–we make sure staff know how to use it and update it as needed so the tool can be sustainable.

Data Quality Tools

We can help you take your data quality to the next level with custom Excel-based tools that help you quickly hone in on missing and inaccurate data. We supplement this with Data Quality Training, as needed, and refining data processes to improve quality.

Data Quality Training

Data quality depends on a data culture with engaged staff, and solid data processes. We support you in assessing your data quality issues and work with your staff to get everyone invested in collecting consistent, high quality data.

Data Reviews

We work with you to step back and really ask–what do you really want and need to know about our clients/program, given your various stakeholders (internal and external), your goals, and your mission and vision?

Data Tracking: Database Design

We can create custom relational databases for your program or organization, based on your needs and the types of data you want to collect. This can complement current data systems, or serve as a standalone system. This includes training for staff to be able to complete data entry, and maintain the database for maximum sustainability.

Data Tracking: Database Implementation

We support you through the full implementation process of a new data tracking system, to keep your data needs in mind, train your staff, customize training materials for your specific needs and database, and maintain the integrity of your data. This process can include data migration from other data tracking systems, or migrating data from Excel spreadsheets or paper forms.

Data Tracking: Database Selection

We have experience with many of the leading Client Management Systems, and are happy to share our knowledge and experiences with you. We will set up demonstrations, translate needs between you and the vendors, and help you find the system that best fits your current and future needs.

Data Visualization Tools

We can help you amplify your story with visual representations of your data. We support you in choosing how best to communicate your stories with visuals, from charts, graphs and tables to maps, infographics, word clouds and more. This includes designing dashboards to help you see and make meaning from the impacts of your program.

Excel Training

From one-on-one sessions to customized workshops with small or large groups, we can create and conduct Excel trainings for you and/or your staff that is catered to the work you actually do (not like those business-focused tutorials online).

Form Reviews

We methodically look at your data needs and wishes in comparison to the forms and various data collection tools you use to collect data. We provide recommendations for adding, deleting or adjusting forms to streamline data collection processes. We also know that forms are a way of communicating your expertise and values to your clients, which we take very seriously. We can help with designing and refreshing your forms!

Process Documentation

Along with supporting you to examine and improve your processes, we work with you to document data-related processes and procedures to get your staff on the same page, set yourself up to improve processes, and to serve as guides and training materials.

Process Improvement

Borrowing from the best practices of Lean Management, we support you in examining your data-related processes, finding opportunities to improve workflows, and creating a culture where staff are engaged in making processes really work for them. This can have a huge impact on workload, data quality, and staff engagement.

Program Evaluation

We have experience and training in many ways of evaluating the impacts of programs, including developmental approaches. We do not just evaluate and run–we work with you to weave evaluation into your practices, and to do something with your evaluation results, like advocating for policy change or applying for additional funding.

Qualitative Data Analysis

We support you in learning how to analyze qualitative data (the stories beyond the numbers). This includes the data you collect (e.g. case notes or success stories), and the data artifacts that impact your work, like transcripts, images, policies and articles.

Qualitative Data Collection

We support you in setting up processes and systems to methodically collect data beyond the numbers–stories, case notes, observations and other qualitative aspects of the work you do.

Research Projects

We are trained as social scientists, and can conduct–or support you in conducting–a wide variety of culturally-responsive research projects. This includes survey design and analysis, focus groups, oral histories, interviews and more. We work with you, and train you in collection and analysis methods, from design to dissemination of results.

Staff Training + Support

We can provide and/or recommend staff training and supports based on individual staff person’s goals, and/or the needs of the program and organization. This may include training, networking or other customized supports.

Survey Supports

We can support you as you create or revise your survey(s) to ensure you are collecting the information you really want, you are being responsive to your audience, and you are able to use the data to be responsive and achieve your goals.