What We Do

We provide data capacity building and technical assistance to nonprofits, government agencies, and community-based organizations in Washington State, Colorado and beyond.

Are tired of doing data entry when you could be helping peopleExamine your data systems and processes for opportunities to make data entry less painful
Are still collecting info for a funder you have not worked with in yearsRefresh your forms and data collection tools to align with your current requirements and goals
Do not see the value in the data because it is all what the funder wants, not what you care aboutReview your data needs and stakeholders to shape your data collection around stories that matter, and responding to community need, not just funders
Feel overwhelmed every time you need to do a report for fundersDesign a reporting calendar and set up your reporting to be ready to give you the data you need when you need it
Know your data collection is incomplete, or inconsistent, but you don’t have time to deal with itExamine your data quality and processes, build you custom tools to monitor it, and get your staff on board
Have data in 14 different spreadsheets, a stack of folders and a pile of post-it notes from 2016Design a data storage system that is right-sized for who you are now, and where you want to be in five years
Are tired of people caring about numbers, when you know lived realities are so much more complex than thatShape your data collection practices around who your clients really are, taking into account culture and lived experience
Are not sure you are even doing
what you say you are doing,
or if you are doing it well
Weave evaluation and reflection into your data practices so you can see your impacts, track trends over time, and demonstrate your impacts to stakeholders
Are ready to make your data work for you, reflect your mission, and have meaningCo-create a plan to build your data capacity

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