RFAC Survey Validation Materials


10 completed surveys by May 31.


Remainder of surveys completed by June 30.

Phone, Email, & Text Templates / Scripts

Use these scripts to contact families on your list via phone and email. As you contact families, be sure to keep track in the Family Tracker (below). Download scripts here.

Family Tracker

Use this document to keep track as you contact and survey families. Once you have surveyed (not just contacted!) 8 families, send Araceli a copy of the tracker. Download the family tracker here.

PF-KCS Survey Guide Checklist

This handy “cheat sheet” walks you through all of the steps needed to administer the PF-KCS to one of your families! Click here to download the checklist.

PF-KCS Survey

This is the survey you will be administering with families. To complete the survey electronically:
1. Download this file
2. Open the file (it should be in your ‘Downloads’ folder)
3. Select “File” >> “Save As”, and save the survey with a new name on your computer. Please include the family number and your organization in the renamed file (example PF-KCS 2022_31_TheCapacityCollective).
4. Be sure to continue saving as you fill out the survey!
5. Repeat this process each time you complete a survey.

Download the survey here.

Meeting Slides from April Meeting

Want to review what we covered in our latest meeting? You can download a copy of the meeting slides here.

Q&A Document

We’re keeping a running list of questions we’ve received about the survey and validation process here for you to reference! Click here to download this document.