Thank you for being part of the CRMT-PF Validation!

Thank you for your support with the Community Validation of the Culturally-Responsive Measurement Tool: Protective Factors (CRMT-PF)! What you learn and share with us will directly contribute to the development of this tool and accompanying resources. We appreciate your help with this project, and all that you do for our communities!

Below you should find everything you need to administer the CRMT-PF, score the CRMT-PF, and share what you learn with us through the Implementation Survey. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Em Carr!

Administer the CRMT-PF

Score the CRMT-PF

As you are completing the survey, Typeform will email you a copy of the scoring questions. Download the scoring calculator (Excel Workbook) here!

Take the Implementation Survey

After you have administered all of the surveys assigned to you (at least 5), please take five minutes to complete a survey about the experience of using the survey with families. NOTE: you only need to complete this survey ONE TIME.

Other CRMT-PF Resources