Data Management Tools

Collecting data is just the beginning of understanding an organization’s story. We know data management is a crucial aspect of an organization’s success, but also know it can be time consuming and often intimidating to work with data. We work closely with our community partners to co-create systems that work for their unique needs. We work with community organizations to do the following:

icon.cabinet Database Selection and Management

The ability to select the best database for your organization, and then manage it, is becoming increasingly important to nonprofits of all sizes. We have years of experience in managing databases for a wide range of nonprofit organizations and can help you fully utilize your existing database or choose the database that is best for your organization. We have expertise and experience with ETO, Penelope, GIFTS, ProCare, Access, Airtable, Sumac and more.

icon.file Internal and External Reporting

There is not much of a point in collecting good data if you aren’t going to, or aren’t able to, talk about it. Clear and concise reporting is important for making programmatic decisions, effectively directing staff time, and communicating to your various stakeholders. Let us help you use your data to tell your story to all of the audiences who need to hear it.

icon.mouse Reporting System Development

Many organizations need more than quarterly or annual reports. Effective and impactful organizations check their progress to goals on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. These programs need tools that will allow them to quickly and easily see the information that is important to their mission. We have a passion for developing tools for every layer of your organization, from the direct service staff who need to be able to easily review their caseload, to the program manager who wants to keep an eye on their targets, to the executive director who wants to quickly see a high-level overview.