About Apricot

What is Apricot?

Apricot is a type of platform called a Case Management System (CRM). Many community-based and nonprofit organizations use a CRM to keep track of the clients they serve, track changes over time, and report out to funders and other stakeholders. 
Spreadsheets (like in Excel or Google Sheets) can be great for getting your data organized, but they can only take you so far. When it is time to do reporting, or make decisions based on your data, it becomes easier to view your data when it is in a system like a CRM. For newer and smaller organizations, implementing a CRM is often what can take you to the next level, allowing you to see more and do more when it comes to your data and the stories of the communities you serve.

Apricot is a great platform for organizing many of your data needs including:
  • Tracking individuals, families and households
  • Tracking individuals and families between programs and over time
  • Tracking staff, including professional development and work activities
  • Volunteer and Intern Management
  • Donor Management
  • Tracking interactions, home visits, contacts or other touch points
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Tracking attendance
  • Outcome tracking and performance evaluation
  • Reporting to internal and external stakeholders
  • Tracking and storing paperwork

Apricot is owned by Social Solutions, who also owns ETO. They are located in Austin, Texas.

What is different about Apricot?

The Capacity Collective <3s Apricot because it is:

  • Accessible: Other CRMs require you come back to the company when you want changes–even small ones–or even make you hire consultants to make adjustments for you. This is not the case with Apricot. We work alongside you through the full implementation process to make sure your organization will be able to maintain the system with confidence into the future. 
  • Affordable: Community-based organizations have limited budgets. We have found Apricot to be a much more reasonable price than other CRMs across the board–it costs less to set up, it has a lower annual cost, and is more affordable in the long-term because it can scale with you as you grow, and you do not need to hire expensive consultants to make changes for you.
  • Cloud-Based: COVID showed many of us just how challenging it can be to pivot when we depend on paper and in-person contacts. Apricot is cloud-based, and can be accessed anywhere with a device connected to the Internet. Our clients using Apricot were more easily able to respond to the pandemic’s changing demands, including sending forms by email and text, collecting electronic signatures, quickly adding new processes, and being able to survey staff and communities on their emerging needs.
  • Customizable: You choose exactly how you collect your data, using language that is familiar and comfortable to the communities you serve. This means you can ask questions in a culturally-responsive way, and you can easily make changes as language and needs evolve. Because it is so customizable, it can often replace other expensive platforms, like donor management and survey software.
  • Responsive: If you have feedback for Social Solutions, or suggestions on how to improve Apricot, they actually listen. Each year users vote on suggested changes to the platform and the Apricot team implements the top choices. We have found the team at Social Solutions to be professional, but still human. They are great to work with, and respond quickly to questions and concerns.
  • Time Saving: Do your clients have to fill out a new intake form every time they join another program? … 
  • User-Friendly: Because Apricot is so customizable, you can set up forms and workflows to match your processes–and your branding. We like to use the colors of your logo, and develop processes with you and your staff so you can get your data in quickly, and get back to what matters most–your communities. Apricot is easy to navigate, and looks good (people tell us it’s “cute” all the time!), so it doesn’t feel like you are working in a database.

Apricot Features:

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Will Apricot Work For Us?

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If you are interested in learning more, we can show you a demo, customized to the structure and needs of your program so you can get a feel for how it might work for your specific situation.