Our Values

We believe in racial equity. We have witnessed data, research, and evaluation being used to maintain systems of oppression. Our work is focused on using our skill sets to contribute to the dismantling of these unjust systems which negatively impact communities of color and immigrant communities.

We believe in social justice. Beyond diversity and inclusion, we commit ourselves to working for a future where barriers are removed and systems have been transformed in a way that everyone can be successful, with their own definitions of success.

We believe in intersectionality. We understand the multiple social systems that impact individuals, communities and structures, including race, class, gender, gender identity, sexuality, language, ability, size, immigration status and more.

We believe in the value of trauma-informed approaches. We acknowledge the impact of historical, multigenerational and current trauma, and the role of systems in reproducing those traumas. We work to support resilience and healing.

We believe in the power of community. We believe when we come together, with all of our knowledge and ways of knowing, we can strengthen and empower communities.

We believe that community members are the experts of  the needs of their community.  We actively and respectfully partner with the organizations we serve, listening to their needs, observations, and aspirations before we begin our project plan.

We believe in universal design. We strive to build systems that work for the most people possible, taking into consideration unique needs, abilities and access, and building in flexibility and adaptability wherever possible.

We believe in your mission, and the story you want to tell about the work you are doing. Let us amplify your story.